Sharing the sky for Christmas.


So Tiffany wanted me to make a tiny papercraft Serenity for her tree this year.  I got a bit behind on the project, but was able to finish it just before Christmas.  The model consists of one page of 39 parts and builds to 5” in length.

Anyway, here’s a link to the template so everyone can build their own.

Some 40k stuff

After seeing the new Dark Elf Cauldron of Blood, I knew the statue of Khaine was going to make an awesome Avatar.  He’s not as big as the Forgewaorld Avatar, but he’s about 50% bigger than the old metal model and still fits on a 40mm base quite easily.

I went with a flame look that seems to work.  There’s lots of raised detail here that makes painting this guy a breeze.  Some people think he’s a little on the static side, but I dig the “come at me, bro” look he has going on.

$25 Heldrake from Reaper’s Bones Wyrmgear.  Mounted on a monsterous creature base, this thing is as big as an official Heldrake on the flight peg.  I drilled and pinned the wings in the configuration you see here.  Bone stock they come standing straight up, which looks a little odd.  This was a rush job of sorts as I only spent about an hour on it.

Finecast Razorwing flock was $16 and had lots of feathers missing and required much in the way of cleaning up mold lines.  The two Khymerea were alright for $19 as the only bubbles were on the underside that can’t be seen once they are based.  Then comes the Reaper Bones minis with several bat swarms and again as many hell hounds at $15 for the lot.  With Games Workshop no longer organizing tournaments or competitive play, there’s really no reason to pay over six times as much for an inferior product line and despite Reaper Bones being made of bargain basement rubbery plastic, they at least do a better job at not having bubbles or miscasts on the shelf than Citadel Finecast.

Metal Slug Capsule toys


I got some capsule toys from Metal Slug in last week and spent an evening painting them (I didn’t have time to finish the camel).  The vehicles come in a muddy green plastic and the characters and camel are tan colored.  I got the full set but I gave the mini Neo Geo system to a friend.


Fio, Tarma, Marco & Eri.  I glued them to round Games Workshop stands with some grass basing.


The Slug Flyer has to be my favorite of the set.  The thick plastic cockpit doesn’t show much detail, but there is an interior with ejection seat and dashboard.


Super Vehicle 01 and 02.  They’re identical kits other than the center tread cover knobs, guns and exhaust pipes.  The turrets can turn if you choose to leave off the pistons holding them in place.  The gatling cannons and lasers(?) can be moved a bit, but can’t face forward without hitting the boxes extending from the side of the turret.


Here’s a comparison shot showing the capsule toy with the knock-off “Metal Bug” model kit and the Marco figure with a Warhammer 40k space marine.

I hope this capsule toy set does well enough to warrant a series2.  I’d love to see some enemy vehicles with generic troopers and some bearded POWs (possibly even hadoken guy).

For those wondering how to get them in the U.S., the best way is here:

It’s a sad, sad day. (I’m selling the squats)

Due to unexpected expenses with my car and the fact that my new job (despite being awesome) pays monthly, I’m short on funds right now and need to sell some stuff to cover for automobile repairs.  Thus, I’m selling my Squat Marines, the Emperor’s Knuckles.

They’re up on Ebay right now, as well as two more old metal (2nd edition) land speeders.  Please, take pity on me and buy my stuff so I can continue driving.

Land Speeder Storm with converted driver and gunner.  There’s an ammo crate in the floorboard that the gunner is standing on.  The arms were shortened, the legs shortened at both thigh and knee levels with greenstuff where needed.  The torsos were shaved down a bit.  I’ve applied some Celtic freehand work to the rear fins as well as random paint weathering throughout the model.


A Stormtalon I made from a Robogear Condor, some Dakkajet bits, styrene rod to lengthen the booms, a Ravenwing twin-linked assault cannon and an Eldar cockpit with an  old plastic squat for the pilot.


One of the few remaining Rogue Trader Land Raiders.  It took me a long while to finally catch one on Ebay, and I did my best to modify it to bring it up to current game specifications.  The sponson swivels still work, and can be exchanged with the original twin-linked lascannons.  It only has the first base coat as far as the paint goes, but that just makes it easier for someone who wants to prime over it for a different paint job.


I made a card stock Stormraven using my template set to the colors of the Knuckles.  There are also a pair of hurricane bolters that magnetically connect to the side doors.


There’s just so much here.  I’m asking for Tree-Fiddy for it (that’s three hundred and fifty dollars, not three dollars and fifty cents).  The Land Raider alone is worth $80, then there’s the classic 2nd edition Land Speeder, Rogue Trader Dreadnought, Original Space hulk Terminator Librarian (modified to be a squat librarian), Metal Thunderfire Cannon, and a Rare Squat Techmarine (with kitbashed servo-harness).

Update on Flipit: Paper Combat re-launch

So I’ve decided to get back to working on my first self-designed miniatures game again.  Flipit: Paper Combat is a system I started working on back in December of ‘09.  One problem that always irked me was the fact that in order to carry around enough models to game shops and conventions for people to play, I had to have a large crate for each army to be stored.  My solution to this problem is to shrink everything down by about 35%.  Infantry at this size are not able to use the “kung fu grip” hands that allowed swap-able weapons, but my solution to make up for it is movement trays and equipment tags.  Each tray has either 4, 6 or 9 boxes mounted on it that the hollow cylinders of the soldier bodies slide over to hold them in place.  This makes moving around a bunch of squads of soldiers far less time consuming and actually makes it easier to tell what weapons are in the squad since it is clearly written out and has range, FP and special rules written on them.

Also of note is the official introduction of the White Lotus faction as well as a sixth faction in the form of Mercenary forces.  Mercs can either be played as a standalone army, or as supplements to an existing army.  There will be four mercenary groups to choose from (pallet/logo swaps so multiple players can use mercenaries without people getting confused as to who’s mercs are who’s).  Orange/black will be Dogs of War.  Teal/red will be V.I.P.E.R.S.  Yellow/blue will be Comet International.  Pink/Beige will be the Dessert Rats.

The first preview unit I have to show for the mercenaries is the Dewey helicopter.  The model is just a bit larger in comparison to the other aircraft than I would have liked, but it does have to hold four infantry figures on a small tray (note that the tray is removable by pushing it out one of the sides).  The omission of a pilot figure is remedied by the special rule “I don’t get paid enough for this” that states that if the vehicle is destroyed, the pilot will simply flee the battlefield instead of being pulled and placed in battle like most vehicle pilots.

I still have a little bit of work to do in balancing all the new factions with the existing armies and making sure the streamlined infantry rules work out, but I’m hoping to have a new rulebook ready for a site re-launch some time before October.

Finished Iron Warriors Knight Titan model

So after replacing a dead printer and a dulled blade in my Silhouette cutting machine, I finally got this bastard done.  I’ve put magnets in the torso and arms so it can come apart easily for storage as well as provide a limited bit of articulation.  I was told by the individual ordering the commission that it should be a pre-heresy Iron Warriors knight, so the imperial eagles and mechanicus iconography is still there.

Also, getting all the black and yellow stripes to line up on the armor was a PAIN.  I do my work without the use of 3d software, so getting 45 degree stripes across the quarter hemisphere of the left shoulder was a bit of a challenge.  

Iron Warriors Knight Titan

Working on an Iron Warriors recolor for my Knight Titan template.

Papercraft Imperial Knight Titan part II

I’ve built two more of the Knights since my last post about it.  The barrel on the knight battle cannon has been shortened a bit to make it less unwieldy and more detail has been added to the model overall.  This particular build I made with a built-up scenic base so I could have it in a sort of “Captain Morgan” pose with one leg up and bent at the knee.  The original plan was to have it standing on a crushed dreadnought, but it wouldn’t have fit on the base too well at that point so I opted for a small hill instead.  The hoses were made from cut up hair bands I got at the local dollar store.

I’m also happy with the Adeptus Mechanicus logos on each shoulder as it was exceptionally difficult to get a round symbol to line up over multiple segment bends

I need to do a Chaos version next that can count as one of the new Lord of Skulls models, possibly removing the hood section and giving it Khornate bunny ears.

Finished papercraft Eldar Crimson Hnter / Hemlock Wraithfighter

I just got the last few kinks worked out of the papercraft templates for the new Eldar flyers.  Bear in mind that the Hemlock will drive you insane trying to cut multiple layers with all those circular cuts unless you have a desktop cutter (I have a Silhouette that’s been worth every penny I spent on it and then some).  Email me if you want the files to try and build some yourself.

Necron Night Scythe flats

So I never got around to finishing the Necron Night Scythes, but I did manage to get a much easier to build Flatscythe done.  It’s a one sheet build that requires being able to intricately cut foam board like a champ, but if you can handle that you can get each scythe done in about half an hour.